Dino Kužnik

Dino Kužnik is a New York based Photographer and Graphic Designer, originally from Slovenia, Europe.
He uses photography as a medium to immortalize scenes that are aesthetically unique, with an emphasis on color and composition.
Solitude is a driving factor behind Dino’s photographs. His work reflects a peaceful state of mind, one only attainable after total immersion within the environment he works in.
Experienced as a journalistic photographer and retoucher, he now mostly focuses on his personal body of work – a documentation of the American Landscape, whilst experimenting with different techniques.


  • Daisie 100, Official Selection, 2018
  • Sony World Photography Awards 2017 Shortlist, Landscape Category, 2017
  • Photo Plus Expo Competition 2016, Your New York Minute, First Place Winner in the Brooklyn Category, 2016
  • Jury Award Winners for Animation Short, Fanima.tu Festival, 2009
  • Street Sans Fronitères, Paris, France, 2019 (upcoming)
  • Observations in the Ordinary, Detroit, USA, 2019 (upcoming)
  • Antihero Press Group Show – On Vulnerability Zine Release, New York, 2019
  • Trieste Photo Days – Street Sans Fronitères, Trieste, Italy, 2018
  • Voices Off Festival – Image Nation Arles, Arles, France, 2018
  • Street Sans Fronitères, Paris, France, 2018
  • Good Aesthetics go to Heaven No. 3, New York, US, 2018
  • The Creator Class Exhibits: Change of Space, Toronto, Canada, 2017
  • Sony World Photography Awards & Martin Parr Exhibition, London, UK, 2017
  • Photo Plus Expo Exhibition, New York, USA, 2016
  • Solo DIY Exhibition ROG, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2016


  • Observations in the Ordinary, Subjectively Objective, 2019 (Upcoming)
  • Chapter Magazine, Issue II – “Concepts”, Plastic Media, 2019
  • Lufthansa Magazin, June Issue, Lufthansa, 2019
  • On Vulnerability, Antihero Press, 2019
  • Late Starting Dawn, Pomegranate Press, 2018
  • M-mag, Issue #5, 2018
  • Metamorphosis, DIY Production, 2016
  • New Edge Magazine, Issue #5, 2015
  • Ena Rola Filma, Issue #5, 2013

Website: www.dinokuznik.com
Instagram: instagram.com/dinokuznik