Trieste Photo Young 2022: contest for under 30 photographers

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Trieste Photo Days’ free contest for under 30 photographers Trieste Photo Young is back for the second edition!

Trieste Photo Young 2022 is promoted by dotART and Exhibit Around APS associations with the support of the Fondazione Pietro Pittini, together with PAG – Progetto Area Giovani (Municipality of Trieste) and Trieste PhotoLab.

The contest aims to discover, support and reward young photographers, offering them a prestigious exhibition space during the ninth edition of international festival Trieste Photo Days, Italy, which will take place over the weekend from 28 to 30 October 2022 and will host international photographers such as Susan Meiselas, Nino Migliori and Shobha. The exhibition will also be open on the weekend from 5 to 6 November.

The contest will be divided into two parts, according to the exciting “Football World Cup” formula experienced in 2021: a first group stage and a second knockout phase (with round of 32, round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals and final).

You can follow the evolution of the contest on this site, where the updated rankings will be published as the jury votes.

The contest will continue online until the quarterfinals, while the semifinals and the final will take place live during Trieste Photo Days 2022, where the jurors will decide the winning photo.

Several prizes offered by the Fondazione Pietro Pittini:

  • The four semifinalist authors will be hosted for 2 nights in Trieste, Italy, to attend the semifinals and the final
  • Winner will be awarded with a € 500 Amazon gift card and a personalized trophy
  • The other 3 semifinalist authors will receive a medal as equal honorable mentions
  • The 32 ranked photos in the Round of 32 will be exhibited from 28 to 30 October and 5 and 6 November 2022 in the Trieste Photo Young 2022 collective exhibition at the municipal hall Arturo Fittke
  • 8 young people from Friuli Venezia Giulia region selected among the finalists of the Call, will be invited to participate for free in the photography Masterclasses that will take place during the Trieste Photo Days
  • certificate of participation for the 32 ranked photos

In addition, our partner will offer the semi-finalists:

Sumissions are open from 6 June to 17 July 2022. Registration is reserved for under-30s and is completely free, as is participation in the exhibition if selected.

To enter and to upload your photos just sign up on the association platform

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