Michela Stigliano and Oğuzhan Hacısalihoğlu joint winners of Trieste Photo Young 2021

2021 ex aequo Winners
Oğuzhan Hacısalihoğlu (Turkey)
Michela Stigliano (Italy)

The first edition of Trieste Photo Young culminated with the ex aequo victory of Michela Stigliano (Italy) and Oğuzhan Hacısalihoğlu (Turkey), both chosen by photographer Paolo Pellegrin during the live final of the contest, Saturday 30 October at the Auditorium of the Revoltella Museum, as part of the Trieste Photo Days 2021 festival.

The contest began last June and saw almost 1,000 photographers under 30 from all over the world in the competition, 373 of whom ranked in the first Group phase through the online vote of the jury (among the jurors Alexandra Sophie, Francesco Faraci, Nick Turpin and Tatsuo Suzuki).

During the summer, the matches between the first and second ranked images from different groups were held, and the winner was chosen by an ever-changing group of jurors. The winning photos of each match went to “collide” in the next phase, according to the grid: Round of 32, Round of 16 and Quarter Finals.

Four authors have reached the Semifinals for two live matches at Trieste Photo Days: Anna Poloneeva vs. Michela Stigliano and Oğuzhan Hacısalihoğlu vs. Suvajit Mukherjee. Michela Stigliano‘s photo reached the final thanks to Graziano Perotti‘s vote, while Oğuzhan Hacısalihoğlu‘s photo was chosen by Francesco Cito.

Trieste Photo Days 2021 also hosted the Trieste Photo Young collective exhibit with the 32 photos ranked in the Round of 32, together with a selection of photos by local authors ranked in the Groups phase.

Show photo by: Akash Singh | Alexis Naudin | Andrei Shkliaev | Anna Poloneeva | Anna Sinyavskaya | Ayanava Sil | Ayman Nakib Badhan | Charlotte Boiron | Choudhary Sunil | Eleonora Canino | Eleonora Giurgevich | Florian Pötsch | Francesca Zolli | Giacomo Fabris | José Antonio Flores García | Joseph Rahul | Joy Saha  | Julia Khalilova | Lorenzo Martincich | Michela Stigliano | Mohit Khetrapal | Monica Sposito | Mustafa Abdulhadi | Mustafa Gholami | Nasim Mansoori | Nayeem Siddiquee | Niccoló Corvini | Oğuzhan Hacısalihoğlu | Pasquale Serraino | Péter Király | Pubarun Basu | Rmin Naseri | Saber Bakhtiari | Seyes Mohsen Peiravinezhad | Shubhodeep Roy | Simone Scarpa | Subhashis Halder | Suvajit Mukherjee | Takrim Ahmed Makka Madina  | Yuri Chernyshov

Trieste Photo Young 2021, a free contest dedicated to photographers under 30, is promoted by dotART cultural association with the support of the Pietro Pittini Foundation and in collaboration with the PAG – Youth Area Project of the Municipality of Trieste, as part of the Trieste Photo Days 2021 international festival.