Andrei Tudose

Andrei Tudose is a cultural manager and visual artist from Bucharest, Romania. His practice has a deep focus on photography not only as a visual medium, but also as a method for sociological analysis and representation. Most of Andrei’s work questions and investigates the relationship between people and public/ private spaces and the way they … Continue reading Andrei Tudose

Angelo Cucchetto

Event planner, photo critic and event manager, he lives in Milan. He worked in the 80s and 90s as photographer’s agent (fashion and advertising) managing the work of great Italian and foreigner professionals, with two owned agencies (Multi Ltd and Close up srl). In 1999, impressed by the potential of the web has opened Starring, … Continue reading Angelo Cucchetto

Arnaud Montagard

Arnaud Montagard (b 1991) is a French photographer, he currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. His photography focuses on composition and details, creating an atmosphere that is often referred to the work of famous American realistic painters. With emphasis on a minimalist aesthetic, his photography creates a new angle to an ordinary detail. His latest photo … Continue reading Arnaud Montagard

Bob Patterson

(U.S.A.) Bob Patterson, publisher of Street Photography Magazine developed a love for photography through his fascination with the black and white photos in Life and Look magazines as a child. After a career as an executive in the cable television industry, he founded Street Photography Magazine in 2013. His mission is to create a digital … Continue reading Bob Patterson

Claudia Colecchia

Graduated in History at the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice, graduated in Archival, Paleography and Diplomacy at the State Archive of Venice, she studied archival, photographic and library studies, worked at the Ca' Foscari University and IUAV of Venice, the International School of Advanced Studies of Trieste, the Superintendency for the artistic heritage of Friuli … Continue reading Claudia Colecchia

Dino Kužnik

Dino Kužnik is a New York based Photographer and Graphic Designer, originally from Slovenia, Europe. He uses photography as a medium to immortalize scenes that are aesthetically unique, with an emphasis on color and composition. Solitude is a driving factor behind Dino’s photographs. His work reflects a peaceful state of mind, one only attainable after … Continue reading Dino Kužnik

Ilya Shtutsa

I’m a street and documentary photographer currently based in St. Petersburg, Russia, a member of Observecollective. Documentary photography is storytelleing, if we compare it with literature we could call it prose. Street photography for my always was a kind of poetry. The process is pretty the same: when you compose a poem, you walk and … Continue reading Ilya Shtutsa

Jamie Fyson Howard

Jamie Fyson Howard is an Englishman who has resided amongst various Slavic tribes since 1994, picking up their languages, customs and habits, both good and bad and both to his liking. From initiation rites spent in dark forests devouring chunks of pure bacon fat and vodka to meandering among the labyrinthine intricacies of a language … Continue reading Jamie Fyson Howard

Kevin LJ

Kevin LJ is an award-winning photographer currently based in Thailand. Originally from New Zealand, he bought his first camera in the early 1980s and started working in the photography department of a daily newspaper a few years later. Kevin decided to start his own freelance photography business 30 years ago. His company grew and enjoyed … Continue reading Kevin LJ

Lorenzo Zoppolato

My name is Lorenzo Zoppolato, and I’m a 28 year old professional photographer. I live and work in Milan, but I was born in Udine, a beautiful city situated in the north-eastern part of Italy. At the age of 19 I won the competition ‘Portfolio Lucinico’ and in 2012 my project ‘Skate View’ positioned first … Continue reading Lorenzo Zoppolato