Roberto Tomesani

Roberto Tomesani works – and has fun – covering the role of General Coordinator of the National Association of Professional Photographers – TAU Visual, of which he was also the founder.
He is also coordinator of the professional photography courses of the European Institute of Design in Milan.
He is a member of the Commission of Experts of Sector Studies (now Synthetic Indices of Reliability-ISA) of the Revenue Agency, for professional photography, appointed by Decree of the Minister of Finance of 5 February 1999.
He is Expert (CTU) of the Court of Milan (ctu 11019) for “Professional photography, uses of photographic images in advertising and publishing, copyright related to images”) and Technical Consultant of the Milan Chamber of Commerce, registered in the Register of Cciaa MI Experts and Experts with role n.2188, for categories XXV – Miscellaneous sub 13 and 15 (Transfer of copyright, image, trademark, name, licensing and market research rights).
He is the Supervisor (ie the extender material) of the UNI 11476: 2013 Standard, relating to “Professional figures operating in the field of Photography and related visual communication”
He is a “competency and knowledge assessor” – that is, an examiner – for the personal certification according to UNI standards on behalf of the Italian Institute of Quality Mark – IMQ.
He is a member of the “Committee for the Development and Protection of the Legal Offer of Digital Works” at AgCom, the Telecommunications Authority.
He was the creator and author of the two instances at the Ministry of Finance which led to the Resolution on the admissibility of the free-lance practice of photography, and on the admissibility of tax breaks for copyright in the specific photographic field ( resolutions 129 / E-1996 and 94 / E-1997)
For twelve years (at the turn of the eighties and nineties) he was editor-in-chief of the professional magazine Progresso Fotografia, and editor of the magazines Zoom, Tutti Fotografi and Fotonotiziario.
He is a member of the National Order of Journalists since 1988. How time goes by.
He was a professional commercial photographer first – and we’re talking about the early 1980s – and a representative agent for photographers, then, in the mid-1980s.
Since he reads a lot, then he has to let off steam by writing a lot. He is currently the author of: nineteen professional monographic manuals, four technical monographs, and nineteen hundred and twenty-seven (1,927) articles in the field of photography and visual communication, published from April 1975 to today.