Roberto Cassanelli

Art and photography Historian, he is Head of the MiBACT (Italian Ministry for cultural heritage and activities and for tourism). He studied in the universities of Milan, Pavia, Florence and Poitiers. After directing the Civic Museums of Monza, he worked at the General Directorate of Museums and is currently the regional secretary of MiBACT for Friuli Venezia Giulia. Former Professor of History of Art at the Albertina Academy of Turin, he teaches History and Technique of Photography at the Catholic University of Milan. He founded and directed for the Editorial Jaca Book the series “Italian artistic heritage” and co-directed, with Francesco Buranelli and Antonio Paolucci, “Vatican Monument Selecta”. He has more than a hundred publications to his credit. As far as the history of photography is concerned, he has dealt in particular with the photography of origins and calotype in Italy.