Philippe Litzler

Philippe Litzler, Editor-in-Chief of OPENEYE
Philippe Litzler attended courses at the University of Basel given by Alan Porter, Editor-in-Chief of the legendary magazine CAMERA, an experience which strongly influenced his graphic approach to presenting a photo magazine.
As Editor-in-Chief of the PHOTO SUISSE magazine of the Swiss Photography Federation, he has produced more than 60 issues. He was also the Editor of the French section of the Revue Suisse de Photographie, the magazine for Swiss Professionals.
In the meantime, he worked as a Columnist for the Geneva-based magazine PHOTO-CINÉ-EXPERT and for the monthly Photo Sélection in Quebec.
He was also the Editor-in-Chief of France Photographie magazine, a position he held for 9 years (45 issues) until June 2016.
He has given numerous conferences all over France on Photography and always offers seminars that help participants understand the evolution of photography and also how to improve their own images.
In May 2016, he was invited to exhibit his photographic work at the Beijing National Library.
He is currently Editor-in-Chief of the new magazine OPENEYE, today’s look at photography, which, besides being on-line, is also free and interactive. The magazine already boasts more than 40,000 readers after only a few years of development.
He has been previously called upon to serve as a photo judge at prestigious national and international competitions (European Kodak Portrait Award, Grand Prix Royal de Photographie de Belgique, Catalan, ISF World Cup 2019, SIPA 2019 and 2020 etc.), and has himself organized numerous prestigious competitions including the Grand Prix d’Auteur under the auspices of the FPF.