Kevin LJ

Kevin LJ is an award-winning photographer currently based in Thailand. Originally from New Zealand, he bought his first camera in the early 1980s and started working in the photography department of a daily newspaper a few years later.

Kevin decided to start his own freelance photography business 30 years ago. His company grew and enjoyed a successful run up to date, collaborating with agencies and publications such as Time Magazine, MTV, Lonely Planet, The Independent, Getty Images, and many more.

His whole career is focused on photography and he’s covered a multitude of subjects. He loves to photograph people the most. During the past decade, Kevin has begun to teach and write more, sharing his passion for photography with anyone who’s willing to learn.

Presently, Kevin LJ is a resident Instructor and Content Contributor at He co-authored and dedicatedly put his time to teach photography enthusiasts on 365 Photography Course.